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Blue Specialties is a family-owned business nestled in the scenic “Black Swamp” of Northwest Ohio. We are located approximately half way between Bowling Green and Fremont, 10 miles off Interstate 75 in Bradner. The closest interstate exits are Bowling Green (from the north), and St. Route 6 (from the south).

Blue Specialties is unique among laser shops for several reasons. We have experience doing custom jobs in many different materials. These materials include: wood, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, rubber, plastics, paper, fabric, marble, granite, glass and mirrors, and we can also do bone and antler. We do industrial cutting and engraving with the capability to mark surgical and stainless steel and we also do high-resolution photo engraving.

A prime reason to choose Blue Specialties is the size and quality of our equipment. Our laser can handle jobs ranging in size up to 24 x 18 inches and in some cases, even up to 24 x 36 inches, utilizing up to 60 watts of laser power. This equipment allows us to work with thicker material, deeply engrave, and do 3-D engraving. The vacuum hold down table allows us to process materials that are difficult or impossible for other laser shops.

We also offer shirts, hoodies, jackets and other garments printed with your logo, expression, or picture. This is not heat transfer or screen print and allows us to print photos direct onto the garment. We can print your design or can design to your specifications.

Our vinyl shop provides us the capability to do vinyl lettering and numbering on jerseys, jackets, warmups and other garments. We also do banners and signs as noted on our vinyl page.

Blue Specialties  has a complete line of customizable awards and trophies as well as corporate office and industrial signage. Custom product fabrication for our customers is just one of the many advantages to being a Blue Specialties customer!

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Jeff and Rebecca


Jeff and Rebecca Blue
Blue Specialties
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