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12x12 Square $39.95

10x10 Octagonal $34.95

8x8 Square $29.95


8" Water glass w/ Monogram $3.50 ea.

Narrow champagne glass with etching similar to the one shown on the right $3.25 ea


9" Vase as shown $4.95


Wide champagne glasses similar to those

illustrated $ 3.75 ea


Mirror's and Glassware


Glass makes an excellent media for

laser engraving as illustrated by the

pictures on the left.




  Just about any picture or logo

  can be engraved on a mirror.

  We have mirrors sized 6x6, 8x8,

  10x10 and 12x12. and can be oval,

  round, square, octagonal or any other shape. We can also engrave a mirror, drinking glass, glass pane or ceramic tile provided by

      by the customer. Pricing is dependant

on the size of the item and the complexity

of the engraving. The prices shown on the mirrors is representative of that size mirror with similar complexity to the image engraved.                                                            



Note: Blue Specialties is not, nor does it represent itself as a licensed distributor for items containing the illustrated trademarks. The logos shown are registered trademarks of their respective agencies Blue specialties will not be

  responsible for any licensing issues when

 an item is made to customer specifications.


Whether you want glasses

monogrammed or personalized

for a special occasion such as

a wedding, housewarming, or

just as a gift, we can engrave

them whether they're straight

or stemmed, even vases.

 As with a lot of our

items, we can supply the item

and do the engraving or you can

provide your own item and we

just charge for the setup and

engraving. The option is yours.

Prices shown are for the item

with the engraving.


Use the .pdf form on the contact page to submit an order for any item shown or complete the form on the page to request a quote for any item you might have that you would want engraved. No job too large or too small to be considered. Your satisfaction is our number one job.

Jeff Blue





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