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This two-sided sign is engraved in anodized aluminum with the solid wood frame being custom made.

Aluminum business card cases can be engraved with your company logo or with your personal business card or any design you prefer.


Anodized aluminum, laserable brass, tool steel, and stainless steel are some of the metals that lend themselves to laser engraving.

Anodized and coated metals laser similar to what is shown at the left and below, while silver metal engraves black as illustrated in the picture of the silver mag-light.

Police or fire logo's look great on these lights


Aluminum license plate frames can be engraved with your personal message, business logo, or even car make and logo.

Folding knives similar to this can be engraved on the metal band, however, no metal is required as the wood in the handle provides an excellent engraving medium.

Identify your multi-tool








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