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This sign was designed and fabricated in our shop based on our customers concept.








This card is made from acrylic and lists specs as well as providing a 100mm scale for verification














Custom Items, Precision Items and Marking

The precision of the laser allows for cuts that can maintain extremely tight tolerances. Our shop is set up for metal working, word working, and acrylic.

We can assist with designing your custom project or work from your designs. We have CAD capability and can import files directly from Autocad to the laser. Pictures and other images can also be imported and scaled as needed.

Although our laser is not powerful enough to cut metal, marking of small dies, drills, cutters, stamping die components, check gauges, etc. is easily accomplished regardless of the type of material.

Have an application that requires something other than a metal check gauge? Sight gauges, depth gages, forms, cross-sectional gauges from acrylic are no problem.






















These cross-sectional templates were cut from 3/16" acrylic and are just two sections of 6 that make up the set used to verify the dimensions of foam seat cushions. They have a 5mm offset and are held to a tolerance of .3mm

               This is the completed set of dimensional templates assembled and ready to check parts.

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